Are you pregnant? Or did you recently just had a baby? If you said yes to either of those questions, then you should read on. Whilst pregnant we start planning on what we need to buy to our baby. We all want to have bottomless pockets and spent all the money we can to buy the newest gadgets, prams, basinets and clothing to our baby. All these because that is what we think we need to do. We read article after article, blog post after blog post, looking for recommendations from friends, Facebook groups and friends how have recently had a baby.

The amount of information out there is confusing. We think we need so many things when in reality we do not. We go to baby expo and go crazy buying all the interesting new things we see that we did not know and don;t have that need for it. Then we come home and have a shopping hangover realising that not all these things fit in to our two-bed flat. Setting up nursery and essentials to our baby does not need to be that difficult.

There are few essential products and services that you can use to reduce costs, carbon foot print and be sustainable parent to your baby. We have taken the guess work out the game and tested these for you.

  1. Tuutu Baby Box

You might have heard about this Finnish invention of sleeping baby in a box. Not only the cardboard box come with mattress and sheets so that you can use the box as basinet, but it also comes with basics you need for your baby. You can also use the lid as change table with the mattress from the box and once not needed you can recycle or use as storage. Talk about multifunctionality and sustainability.

  1. Tree Hut Village

This award wining idea of renting out your unwanted and no longer needed items. So instead of buying the latest stroller that your neighbor has why not rent it? Or if you really want it for yourself you can also buy the good condition second hand item and once you do not need it anymore why not listed it on the site for rent and make some money from it.

  1. Baby Wipes

I do not know how we lived without baby wipes, or how my mother managed three kids

under three without them. However, they managed just fine. They washed the baby’s bottom instead of using baby wipes or used re-usable baby wash cloth. However, today’s world there are alternatives to baby wipes as well. You can make your own, using normal paper towel and everyday ingredients that you might already have in your cupboard.

  1. Nappies

Okay so baby cannot go around with bare bottom only. I get that. But there are alternatives for nappies from main brands that take 150 years to decompose that will not cost a dime. You can try cloth nappies, and some of these todays cloth nappies can be actually used as swim nappies as well. There are also nappies that are done from plant based products or bamboo being eco friendly. Ecoriginals, Luv Me Nappies and Baby Bee Hinds for cloth nappies.

  1. Clothing

By some bare essentials to your baby that you really want. Lots of onesie, baby bodies, jumper suits and you are sorted. It does not need to be that difficult to buy and decide what and how many? What you do not realize that you only get few uses per suit as they baby grow so fast. So you might not even have the time to see all the baby bodies that you have bought talking about all the other things.  By the way second hand clothing is completely acceptable option as well.

These five alternatives should have you sorted for the first few months and once the baby grow you realise what you need once you have figured what type of a parent you are and what is important to you.