The Tuutu Baby Box is inspired by the Finnish Government maternity package, which is gifted to every expectant mother in Finland. The box is filled with the essentials every new parent needs; 95% choose the box over the money option offered ($220AUD). Running since 1938, Finland has given out more than 3 million boxes in total, and more than 40,000 boxes annually! The focus on quality necessities and providing a safe sleeping space is why it continues to be such a successful program.


Like most Finns, I started my life sleeping in the baby box. We are so very proud of this Finnish invention and its ability to ensure the health, wellbeing, and safety of newborns and their mothers. Everyone deserves an equal start in life, and the baby box helps to make that possible. During my transition into parenthood, I realised that there was nothing similar available in Australia. All new parents should have easy access to baby essentials, and so the Tuutu Baby Box was born. The Tuutu Baby Box is filled with newborn essentials from well-known Australian brands to ease your transition into parenthood.


There is nothing more precious or vulnerable than your newborn baby. That’s why all the included products are thoughtfully chosen with your little one’s health and well being in mind. More than just caring for our babies, we want to leave them a world worth living in. That’s why we have designed the Tuutu Baby Box with sustainability in mind. While it does provide a safe sleeping space, the lid also doubles as a changing table. Once baby is no longer sleeping in it, the box can be used to store those pesky toys (yes, we’ve been there!), or you can even paint some wheels on it and turn it into a toy itself. Many parents use it to store keepsakes from their babies’ early years – from ultrasound images and those tiny first clothes to their children’s favourite toys or photos from their first years. Check out About page  for more information about Tuutu Baby Box.