Essentials Tuutu Baby Box


The Essentials Tuutu Baby Box includes*:

  • Tuutu Baby Box
  • Tuutu Baby Box Care Instructions booklet
  • Mattress with waterproof cover sheet
  • 10 AUD gift voucher for another Tuutu Baby Box purchase
  • Bubba Blue bamboo cot sheet
  • Bubba Blue bamboo swaddles x 3
  • Bubba Blue Bib & Burp pad
  • Little Innoscents Paw Paw Baby Balm
  • Little Innoscents Baby Wipes
  • Natural wooden Teething Ring
  • 125 ml Baby Massage Oil
  • 10 x biodegradable Bamboo Nappies by LuvMe
  • Baby Change Kit that includes disposable mat, nappy, nappy bag by The Apple of Your Eye
  • Discount voucher from Perfect Pelvic Floor
  • Gidget Foundation and Tresillian information packages
  • Free samples and vouchers from our partners

Total value – $200AUD
Baby Box dimensions (70cm x 43cm x 27cm)
Lid dimensions (70cm x43cm x9cm)
*1 item/pair unless otherwise stated.

Contents of this box can change without notice


Baby boxes are commonplace in Finland as they’re economical, practical and sustainable.

Baby will sleep soundly in the safe and cosy base and the lid doubles up as a secure change table, saving both the cost and space of buying separate, expensive items. Even after your baby has outgrown the Baby Box it can still be used for storage or keepsakes. Multi functionality at it’s best!

A great starter-kit for parenthood: The Tuutu Essentials Baby Box comes complete with Bubba Blue sheet, swaddles, and Bib & Burp pad, and a wooden teething ring as well as information and vouchers. The Essentials Box an ideal gift for parents-to-be.


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