What is the Tuutu Baby Box?
The Tuutu Baby Box is a multipurpose package of baby essentials. Perfect for first time mothers, it provides a safe space for baby to sleep and have their nappy changed. Our signature Tuutu Baby Box come with all the basics you need to prepare for your little one’s arrival. If you’ve already started collecting your essentials, the Tuutu Essentials or Bare Necessities boxes may suit your needs.

What are the dimensions of the Tuutu Baby Box?
The Baby Box is 70 cm x 43 cm x 27 cm and the lid is 70 cm x 43 cm x 9 cm. The Box is the same standard dimensions as the traditional Baby Box offered in Finland by the Finnish government.

What is the Tuutu Baby Box made of?
The box is made in Australia from 3 mm thick corrugated cardboard. The ink used is water based and nontoxic to provide a safe space for your baby.

What is the Tuutu Baby Box mattress made of?
The mattress is made from medium density polyurethane foam. An anti-microbial protection CompriShield is embeded during the foam manufacturing process. CompriShield provides protection for consumers by eliminating dust mites, moulds and bacteria, significantly reducing one of the major causes of allergies and asthma in the home.

What size is the Tuutu Baby Box mattress?
Tuutu Baby Box mattress measures 70 cm x 43 cm x 4 cm. For hygiene reasons we do not recommend reusing the mattress for other babies, and instead please dispose when no longer in use. For recycling the mattress in a sustainable manner contact Soft Landing mattress recycling company.

What standards does the mattress meet?
The foam mattress meets the voluntary ANZ Standard Sleep Surfaces Test AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 for firmness set by Safety Australia. The foam is tested to meet Australia Standards AS2282.

Why is the Tuutu Baby Box white inside?
The inside of the box is white to provide an optimal sleeping environment for your baby, free from visual stimulation that can keep them awake.

How long can the baby use the box to sleep in?
Tuutu Baby Box is suitable for newborns under 7kg or when your baby can move or roll  (whichever limit comes first). Because every baby develops differently we don’t recommend keeping them in the baby box once they can roll over, push up or move.

How should I place my baby in the box?
Place the box on a flat steady surface before putting your baby in it. Your baby should be placed in the middle of the box with his/her feet touching the end of the box. We recommend following the Safe Sleep Guidelines as below at all times:
• Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side unless advised differently by medical practitioner.
• Sleep baby with head and face uncovered (do not place doonas / duvets, pillows, lamb’s wool, or soft toys inside the Tuutu Baby Box).
• Do not expose baby to tobacco smoke before and after birth.
• Provide a safe sleeping space for your baby night and day.
• Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult caregiver for the first six to twelve months.
Find out more about Safe Sleeping here.

Can I move the box while baby is in it?
No, for the safety of your baby we don’t recommend that you lift or move the box while they’re in it.

Where should I place the box while baby is sleeping in it?
The box should be on a flat steady surface where you can see the baby – for example next to your bed. Make sure that the box is kept away from animals and children.

How do I use the lid as a changing table?
Place the lid with its edges facing upwards on an even surface and put the mattress on top of the lid. Never leave your baby unattended while on the changing table.

Can I use the box to transport my baby?
No, the box is not designed to safely transport your baby.

Are there any special care instructions for the Baby Box?
Yes, there is safety label attached advising to keep the box dry and avoid contact with water or fire at all times. The lid should never be used on top of the box when baby is in the box. There is a Tuutu Baby Box Care Instructions booklet that comes with the box that you can refer to for further instructions.

Does the Baby Box include any information for new parents?
We have teamed up with Tresillian  to provide support to mothers and fathers in terms of breastfeeding and settling baby. The Baby Box comes with leaflets on a number of topics, along with contact numbers for helplines run by Tresillian.

How long does the box last?
The box can last years if care for correctly, and makes a great place to store keepsakes when no longer in use. As moisture can cause the cardboard to deteriorate, we recommend keeping it in a dry and clean place at all times.

Does Tuutu Baby Box has a mattress cover that is a non-waterproof?
Yes, we have flannel and TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane mattress cover that can be washed.

How is the box packed for delivery?
All Tuutu Baby Boxes are inside another sturdy box to keep it undamaged during transit. We also have recyclable filling inside of the box making sure that the products will not move during transit.

I have a question on shipping costs, returns, delivery information?
Please visit our Shipping and Returns page for details.

I want to buy multiple boxes. Can I get a discount?
Of course! Please email us on info@tuutu.com.au and we will get back to you with a quote or click here for Tuutu Corporate Enquiries. Please note that for large orders the free shipping offer does not apply.

Can I become a wholesaler?
We are not currently selling wholesale.

How can my products become part of Tuutu Baby Box?
Interested in having your baby or mother-related products stocked in the Tuutu Baby Box? Drop us a line at info@tuutu.com.au.

I have media enquiry?
Contact us at info@tuutu.com.au and we will get back to you.

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