5 Essential Elements for Newborn Sleep

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If you’re expecting, or have recently had a new baby, then…CONGRATULATIONS!  Welcoming a newborn into your family is one of the most beautiful, life-changing experiences you’ll ever encounter. Unfortunately, it also means you can kiss sleep goodbye, at least for the next few months. Newborns rarely sleep for more than two to three hours at a […]

Facts about your Pelvic Floor

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Today, we are talking to experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist Melanie Platt from the Perfect Pelvic Floor. Melanie is providing online pelvic floor exercise programs, that are convenient and cost-effective way to get help for your pelvic floor exercises at home. Can you tell us what made you become a Women’s Health Physiotherapist? I’ve been a […]

Your Oral Health During Pregnancy by MamaTuppa

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Congratulations, you are pregnant! What wonderful news and you feel joyous and over the moon. That is, until your friends, family and anyone who wants to talk to you, tells you about their horror pregnancy and birth. These horror stories normally include dental and teeth stories such as how  the baby sucked out all of […]

5 Tips Parents Raising Bilingual Kids Should Know

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At present Australia is largely monolingual with English being the mostly spoken language, however, as a country with a long migration history there are increasing number of minority languages spoken. According to the 2001 census, 2.8 million Australians reported speaking a language other than English at home making it bilingual. In light of these figures, […]