Don’t listen to the Horror Stories of Birth!

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We are super excited to welcome for the second time around Amelia Parkinson from Wonderbirthing to share her thoughts on our Tuutu Blog.  She discusses what is proper to tell to a New Mum to Be about your own birth experiences so that you don’t make your pregnant friend scared or uncomfortable for her own birth. […]

4 Differences on Finnish Parenting

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There are different perceptions on how we should deal with parenting tasks depending on our cultural backgrounds. As a Finnish Australian mother, raising my kids with my German husband I have to sometimes laugh to myself when I realize what an utterly Finnish approach I have adopted parenting my children. I wanted to share with […]

How long will my nappies last?

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Australian owned Baby BeeHinds provides a diverse range of modern cloth nappies as well as nappy accessories like wetbags, wipes and washers. Cloth nappies are great Eco-friendly baby products which can be washed and reused multiple times saving both money and nature. Baby BeeHinds has a wealth of knowledge for modern cloth nappies and  we are pleased to have […]

Teething and How to Help Your Toddler Through It

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All of us mothers have been there – when your little one is teething and hurting and you are not sure if it is really teething, wind, tummy upset or something else? My son was easy after first few teeth and after given him some painkiller he never complaint when his teeth were coming through […]

Cloth Wipes.. Tips, Tricks & DIY Solution

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Have you been thinking of how many disposable baby wipes you will need to use before your baby is out of nappies? Just like there is an alternative to disposable nappies, you can make a choice of using cloth wipes instead of disposable baby wipes. We are excited to have our product partner Baby BeeHinds to discuss […]

How does Australian parental benefits rate?

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What kind of parental leave do women have available in developed countries? It all depends on the country in which you live as I discovered when I started to compare countries. Here in Australia you are entitled to 18 weeks paid maternity leave by the government if you have been employed for the previous 12 […]