What provides that pregnant mumma glow ?

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I remember my pregnancy well, it was a few years ago now (almost 9 to be exact) and it has been my only one (more on that later…) but as I reflect on what I know now and what I had then I am called to share some secrets with all of you who are […]

8 Tips to Reduce your Morning Sickness

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Melanie Platt is Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and the founder of Perfect Pelvic Floor which is an online video platform helping pregnant women to access pelvic floor exercises, leg strengthening, stretches, posture advise and loads of labor and pregnancy advise. As a physiotherapist, Melanie has treated women with incontinence, taught them how to strengthen their pelvic […]

Facts about your Pelvic Floor

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appy September, Tuutu Friends! Spring is finally here – and so it is the time to kick off our Tuutu blog!  You will hear a lot of talk about your pelvic floor muscles when becoming pregnant and having your baby. Today, we are talking to experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapist Melanie Platt from the Perfect Pelvic Floor. Melanie is providing online […]

What is swaddling and how do I do this correctly?

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What to use to swaddle your baby? There are few techniques out there and I wanted to show you the one I have used and found to be most useful. However, before that few words about what material to use when swaddling your baby. Muslin swaddles are the best as they are breathable and easy […]

Eco-Friendly Ways to Play with Your Baby

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Kirstee Lea Raki is a suburban homesteader and mama to two children with a passion for Eco- conscious living and parenting, and for helping other parents with similar goals. She is as well a founder of http://www.thiswholehome.com that educates about raising a family with environment in mind. We are excited to have her write to our Tuutu Blog […]

Why is the Baby Box concept so popular?

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The Finnish baby box has been around for over 75 years. Over 3 million boxes have been given to families by the Finnish government over the years. It was written into Finnish law in 1937 that expectant mothers were entitled to a baby box and in 1949 this was expanded to include all expectant mothers […]

Raising Kids- The Finnish Approach

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There are different perceptions on how we should deal with parenting tasks depending on our cultural backgrounds. As a Finnish Australian mother, raising my kids with my German husband I have to sometimes laugh to myself when I realize what an utterly Finnish approach I have adopted parenting my children. I wanted to share with […]

How long will my nappies last?

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Australian owned Baby BeeHinds provides a diverse range of modern cloth nappies as well as nappy accessories like wetbags, wipes and washers. Cloth nappies are great Eco-friendly baby products which can be washed and reused multiple times saving both money and nature. Baby BeeHinds has a wealth of knowledge for modern cloth nappies and  we are pleased to have […]