Like most first time mum’s I packed my hospital bag planning on a standard vaginal delivery. I followed all the guides and booklets you receive from the hospital and thought I was very well prepared.  12 hours of labour and a baby that didn’t want to vacate her warm watery home I was rushed into theatre for an emergency c-section and left with a bag of things that we’re quite what I needed.

Here is your go-to guide!

1.      Giant undies

Yep. Get out those Bridget Jones granny panties… I mean the big, up to the belly button undies. You don’t want ANYTHING touching that incision.

2.      Loose clothing

Loose dresses or very soft loose pants and tops are what you want. Those first few days (for me it was 10-14 days) that incision is pretty tender and just feels plain vulnerable so I didn’t want any extra pressure on it.

3.      Dry shampoo

That’s right! If you have an emergency c-section chances are you’ve been labouring for a period of time before the baby gets rushed out! That makes you nice and sweaty, and unlike some of the vaginal births you may have read about, heard about or experienced yourself, you may spend up to 24 hours in bed before you can get up and move, let alone feel strong enough to stand in a shower. Dry shampoo is your friend and can make you feel a bit more human (or at least look it) for all those first family photos!

4.      Makeup Remover Wipes

Yep. You may be away from a running tap and water for a little while longer than expected so these bad boys will be your best friend when you want to feel fresh! Ask your partner to put them within arms reach so you can grab them at any time. I used them in the middle of the night when I was trying to stay awake to feed my new hungry baby and they worked a treat!

5.      Your dignity

That’s right. Birth is not glamorous, not matter which way it happens. The first 12 hours of my daughter’s life I had a catheter in, and once the nurse removed it I had to use a bed-pan to wee (and you need to wee a LOT as all that fluid you’ve been holding onto leaves your body) until I could get up and walk the next day. It’s not pretty… but don’t worry. A few days later once you’re up and about, you can fish that dignity slowly out of your bag piece by piece.  Chances are, you’ll be in such a crazy love bubble you won’t even notice it’s missing!

That’s all! Birthing babies is a wild ride no matter how you do it!

Written by Chloe Watts from Blueberry Co.

About : Chloe Watts is the designer and creator at Blueberry Co where she designs super cool modern memory books. Chloe started this little biz when she was on maternity leave in 2015. She spent months searching for the perfect baby book for her new daughter. Chloe was after a unique book that would reflect her new baby’s growing personality and allow a tiny bit of creativity. Fast forward a few sleep deprived months of feeding, sleeping and sketching and in November 2015 the Monochrome Baby Book was launched. Chloe is due to have her second baby in August 2017, and this time she’ll pack her dry shampoo!