It has been long 11 weeks, I can tell you that. I have really struggled with the 6 hour school days and being able to get work and stuff done when compared with the time I had before. It is shorter than preschool day and there have been emotional kids waiting for you at the end of the day on pick up. My son has been tired towards end of the week (Friday usually) which has resulted in a meltdown on occasion saying he does not want to go to school or he is just overloaded with actives and information. He is craving for my attention to play with him when we are at home after school and there have been few lessons I have learned about kindy on these past few weeks that I wanted to share with you.

  1. Don’t ask too many questions

Just let your kids tell you in their own time what happened, what they have learnt and who their new friends are. They will tell you but they are just as happy not to tell and you need to be okay with that. We parents want to know what is going on but your child might just want to be cuddled and to spend time playing and having fun rather than answering questions about how their day was. Sounds like when you come home from work, right?

  1. Lunch boxes

Do I need to say anymore? It can be hard to decide what is healthy food if your school sends you notes what not to bring but do not help by telling what you can bring. My son is a good eater and he likes most of the things he gets in his lunch box. Sometimes he is too busy to eat and just wants to eat after he comes home. Accept that kid’s meals and meal times are different and what suits one does not necessary suit another. Ask from your child what they want, get them to help you to do the lunch with you.  The more involved your child is in lunch box preparation the more likely is that they are going to eat it.

  1. Uniform

Getting your child ready to go to school can be difficult. Getting your kids to dress into uniform ready to go to school instead expecting you to dress them has been a struggle in our house. In many ways they are still so young, do we expect a 5-year-old to know how to do their shoe laces and buttons on their shirts? Not necessary. Helping them to decide if they need long sleeve or short sleeve trousers and shorts will help them to understand how to dress. Make getting changed into clothes a fun activity like a peek a boo that can help.

  1. School drop off and pick ups

Yes, the chit chat at the school gate drop offs and pick ups are essential for your social networking. You make new friends and you get to know parents of the kids that you child plays with and you are able to connect with kids and their parents outside the school gates as well. Your social network is expanding as is your child’s. Embrace these new friends, you cannot have too many!

  1. Holiday

It’s time to rewind for both you and your child. They are still getting to know their way around the school, teachers and other kids. The days are long, 27 h week is more than many adults do at work. Let them enjoy the freedom and have them spend time with you as these days will be soon gone (replaced by sporting actives, fun clubs and holiday care).

Once the two-week break is over it all starts again. Lunch, uniform, pick up and drop offs. I will be more relaxed and try not to make my child the best dressed and best behaved child at the school gates. At the end of the day he is just that; a child and he should be allowed to be one for as long as possible.

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